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JetPeel™ is an innovative trans-dermal treatment that revolutionizes aesthetic care using aviation technology adapted for modern skincare. It harnesses patented jet pressure energy to generate high-velocity jet streams of liquid micro-droplets that infuse into the skin at sub-sonic speeds. This approach enables rejuvenating treatments, starting with a lymphatic massage to remove waste and toxins, followed by gentle exfoliation and dermal infusion of customized skin renewal and anti-aging solutions. The procedure is non-invasive, safe, needle-free, pain-free, and non-contact, providing immediate results with zero downtime.


JetPro Image

The JetPeel™ system includes a range of patented handpieces for different treatments

and indications. JetCare cosmetic liquid skin nutrients are the only ones approved for use with JetPeel

original handpieces and devices. 

Lymphatic Massage

A pleasant and relaxing massage for detoxifying the skin and stimulating micro-circulation


Removing dead skin cells prepares the skin to receive the nourishment from the following Infusion step


Provides the skin an effective and deep delivery of active ingredients to target skin concerns

The Treatment Sequence

For Aestheticians

Scientifically Sound

Clinically proven to see visible results on the same day, for high customer satisfaction.

Safe and Effective

Non-invasive, needle-free, with zero skin print. The patient enjoys a pleasant experience with no damage or healing required.

Multiple Treatments

In conjunction with various JetPeel handpieces and JetCare solutions, one device provides a wide range of treatment options.

Fast ROI

Investment in this state-of-the-art device is proven to deliver excellent results with satisfied and returning customers.

For Patients

No Pain

Non-invasive jet streams penetrate into the dermis in a totally comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

No Downtime

No skin breakage or recovery time is needed. The patients leave the treatment in full comfort and can return to their daily routine right after.

Fast Visible Results

Instant delivery deep into the dermis means that results are immediate and visible.

Confident & Beautiful

JetPeel is a comfortable and relaxing treatment with confidence of clinically proven results for a multitude of different skin concerns.


Dimensions: 20 in x 23 in x 28 in

Weight: 68 lb

Mobile: Integral base-wheels

Working Pressure: 95psi +/- 10%

Liquid Source: Disposable solution container