The Executive Series Centrifuge II (ESC II) empowers the most advanced technology to meaningfully increase power and reduce bucket weight, which results in more efficient and effective blood and bone marrow separation as well as performance outcomes.

Advanced Bucket and Rotor Technology: The newly designed centrifuge bucket is made of strong yet light weight nylon materials that are able to resist chemicals, prevent resuspension, and deceleration shifting. The bucket fits perfectly with the rotors that have the ability to stabilize any slight processing imbalances. This synergetic crafted movement optimizes blood and bone marrow separation.

Automation: Includes automated lock/release which guarantees safe processing as well as digital dials and display which help ensure precise repeatability.


Please Note: Shipping the Centrifuge Ground would be Solely $100.00. If looking to expedite the Centrifuge Device, the costs would increase. Please contact us if this is needed. Any consumables would be additional costs for shipping.

Product Code: LOEMCGS-022624340