PiXel8-RF Microneedling System: Where Precision Meets Convenience!

Dubbed “the latest must-have,” it’s redefining the aesthetic industry. At its heart, microneedling is all about collagen induction therapy (CIT) – leveraging skin’s natural self-repair magic. But PiXel8-RF takes it a notch higher by going beyond surface-level exfoliation. Imagine a non-surgical facelift and dive deep with bi-polar RF energy and masterfully crafted microneedles.

Ensures heat penetrates your patient’s skin, kickstarting collagen remodeling and elastin cell regeneration with minimal downtime and maximal results.


PiXel8-RF’s Tailored Precision: With PiXel8-RF, personalized treatments become a breeze. PiXel8-RF’s adjustable energy levels mean you cater precisely to every patient’s unique needs. Plus, the special Enhanced Delay function ensures heat application is spot-on, reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Grab & Go Mobility: Need to move around? PiXel8-RF has got your back. Detach it from its base, and you’re set for on-the-go treatments.

User Friendly Touchscreen: Dive into an interactive experience with an easy-to-use 15-inch touchscreen interface. It’s packed with features from inspections to cleaning modes all 2 clicks away.

Post Treatment: Keep post-treatment concerns at bay – the Enhanced-Delay function guarantees no post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Fast Recovery and Minimal Pain: Dial in your precision! From 0.1mm to 4mm, adjust the energy to hit that sweet spot, ensuring a speedy recovery and reduced discomfort with its top-notch penetration tech.

Even Heat, Better Results: Thanks to PiXel8-RF’s expertly spaced microneedles, it delivers consistent RF energy. Expect even coagulation and zero interference from overlapping energy spots.

Safety First: Sterilized tips mean no nasty surprises, and with a dedicated cleaning and inspection mode, your machine stays in top shape and safe for use, always.

Addresses a range of skin conditions and skin types, with minimal risk of burns and post-inflammatory hyper-Pigmentation.

  • -Double Chin Reduction
  • -Jowl Lifting
  • -Eyebrow Lifting
  • -Neck Lifting
  • -Enlarged Pores
  • -Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • -Facial Acne Scars
  • -Stretch Marks
  • -Hyper-Pigmentation
  • -Uneven Skin Tone


Special Instructions:

Cold Air chiller or Topical anesthetics may be appropriate for sensitive areas treated areas should be completely dry before beginning.
Do not use the TIME-SETTINGS above 100-msec under 1-mm depth
Do not use DEPTH-SETTINGS that exceed skin thickness on bony areas

The above treatment settings are based on experienced physician results.
NYLO Aesthetics provides these parameters for reference only.
The technician must decide on the optimal settings to use for each individual patient.
NYLO Aesthetics shall not be liable for injuries, problems or issues that arise as result of negligence or
inexperience using the product supplied.

PiXel8-RF Microneedling Machine System Specifications:

Mfr: Rohrer Aesthetics
Des: Pixel8-RF Tabletop Workstation
Model: PiXel8-RF
Compatible Tip Sizes: 5×5 (25 pin), 7×7 (49 pin), 8×8 (64 pin)

-Pixel8-RF System
-Microneedling hand piece
-Mast and hand piece Holster
-110V – Power Cord


ENSURES: Heat penetrates your patient’s skin, kickstarting collagen remodeling and elastin cell regeneration.

MINIMAL DOWNTIME. MAXIMAL RESULTS: Whether it’s fighting aging signs or customizing treatments between 0.1mm to 4mm energy levels, PiXel8-RF is the ace up your sleeve.