Eye Shield (IShield)

NYLO Aesthetics offers the highest quality and most affordable protective eyewear available. These goggles are crafted to provide your eyes with optimal protection while firing your cosmetic laser. Using just any goggles may jeopardize your eye sight in the long run. NY Laser Outlet’s laser shield goggles are polycarbonate hard coated, unbreakable, scratch resistant, comfortable and stylish. Order today and get the best quality Alexandrite and YAG goggles available on the market.

NY Laser Outlet provides the highest quality laser safety goggles for optimal patient protection. These iShield goggles are made of stainless steel and are fully adjustable with bend-to-fit customizable nosepiece; non-reflective brush-finish; and polished interior surface. Each pair also includes reusable Silicone iRings for added patient comfort.

iShields are the very versatile and provide great value as they are compatible with all cosmetic laser machines.

NY Laser Outlet offers competitive and affordable pricing. Contact us for bulk order pricing!