The HORIZON™ Diode Laser Machine is a portable, platform system combined with high-speed Diode, IPL, Nd:Yag and Er:Yag technologies for maximum capabilities and versatility.


HORIZON™ and its handpieces are intended for use in aesthetic, surgical and cosmetic applications and in selective treat-ments required in the medical specialties of dermatology and general and plastic surgery.

Completely Versatile

HORIZON™ Diode Laser Machine offers complete versatility in the treatment types as well as, in the treatment settings on the device. This applies across various skin conditions of the patient and the experience/knowledge level of the technician. As a professional, this versatility will take you to a higher level of performance, not just the ability to change the energy and pulse width, but also control the level of the cooling.

Sub-Zero Effect

This sub-zero effect allows the HORIZON™ to reduce temperatures to -12o C (10.4o F). This process freezes and numbs the pain receptors allowing treatments to be performed at higher energy levels, creating better results, with virtually no pain.

All-in-one Platform

It is an all-in-one device that is user friendly and offers a wide range of treatments including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions, acne and skin resurfacing, scars and/or Keloids.

-A single system solution offering four technologies

-10.1″ capacitive touch screen display

-Linux Advanced Graphical User Interface

-Automatic, Semi-automatic and full manual control of treatment parameters

-Portable and includes convenient storage trolley

-No consumables

all in one device photo

Source & Wavelength Handpiece Indications
635-950nm IPL Hair removal and Permanent Hair Reduction – all skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick scale
580-950nm IPL Hair removal and permanent hair reduction in all skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick scale.Also, treatment of Benign Pigmented Epidermal and Cutaneous Lesions including warts,scars, striae – all skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick scale.
535-950nm IPL Treatment of Vascular and Pigmented Lesions – all skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick Scale
415-950nm IPL Treatment of Inflammatory Acne (acne vulgaris) – all skin types (I-V) to the Fitzpatrick Scale
808nm Diode LASER Treatment of benign vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, hair removal and perma-nent hair reduction
1064 nm Nd:YAG LASER Removal unwanted Hair, long-term or permanent hair reduction
Removal or lightening of unwanted hair Treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)
2940nm Er:YAG LASER Indicated for use in soft tissue (skin and cutaneous tissue):
─  Skin resurfacing
─  Tratment of wrinkles
─  Epidermal Nevi
─  Telangectasia
─  Spider veins
─  Actinic cheilitis
─  Keloids
─  Verrucae
─  Skin tags
─  Anal tags
─  Keratoses
─  Scar revision and acne scars


Handpiece Application Fluence J/cm2 Pulse width ms Spot Size cm2 Repetition Rate (HZ)
HR630 Hair reduction 5-25 15-100 6,4 .4-1.25
SR580 Skin restructuring 5-25 10-25 6,4 .4-1.25
LP-LV530 Vascular and pigmented lesions 5-25 10-25 6,4 .4-1.25
AC420 Acne 5-15 15-100 6,4 .4-1.25


Handpiece Application Fluence J/cm2 Pulse width ms Spot Size cm2 Repetition Rate (HZ)
Diode 808 Hair reduction up to 90 J/cm2 from 1 to 200 1.68 cm2 Up to 10
Er:YAG 2940 Skin restructuring up to 95 J/cm2
on Ø 2mm spot
from 1 to 1,5
(for U.S.A.)
Ømm 2,4,9 ablative
Ømm 9 microbeam
Up to 5
Nd:YAG 1064 Hair reduction 30-200 J/cm2 da 10 a 100 6 mm Up to 1


110-240V; 50/60 Hz; 1250 VA
and weight
600 (W) x 580 (D) x 550 (H) mm3; 59 Kg (without wheeled base)
600 (W) x 580 (D) x 1180 (H) mm3; 88 Kg (with wheeled base)
Interface 10,1″ Colour Touch screen
Cooling Integrated Peltier Cooling with Sapphire tip capable of reaching -12o C (10.4o F)