HORIZON SR 580 IPL Handpiece

The Horizon SR 580 IPL Handpiece emits a source & wavelength of 580-950mm and is used to treat permanent hair reduction for lighter finer hair as well as skin rejuvenation and photofacial – all skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick scale.

IPL with APC Technology

The Adaptive Pulse Control (APC) is a proprietary technology of the HORIZONTM used to deliver the energy homogeneously over the pulse duration, avoiding energy spikes that can be dangerous for the treatment of dark skin. APC Technology is an advanced IPL pulse control system for the automatic selection of the best treatment configuration. APC works in both single or burst mode (train of pulses) for increased safety and effectiveness. This feature automatically adjusts to the right pulse sequence along with the energy needed for a safe treatment.

IPL Handpieces

  • Ergonomic handpieces
  • Two finger-switches effortlessly used by all operators
  • Water to air cooling with Adaptive Pulse Control Technology
  • Long lifetime for flashlamps
  • Large spot size, and high repetition rate for the fastest treatments
  • Touch screen control – modular with iPhone style software
  • Several preset protocols for all applications
  • Easy and ready to be used by any operator!

Powerful Contact Skin Cooling and Fast Repetition Rate

The -12o C (10.4o F) Sub Zero Effect cools the skin temperature during the treatment to approximately 2o C (35.6o F). This process freezes and numbs the pain receptors allowing treatments to be performed at higher energy levels, creating better results, with virtually no pain. The Sub Zero Effect allows for extremely fast procedures, almost no pain, no need of GEL (less consumables) and minimized risks of skin burns The HORIZON uses an optimized elliptic reflector to maximize the efficiency of light delivery resulting in the increase of the lamp lifetime. High quality, high pressure Xenon lamp and high purity Sapphire wavelength. The main outcome is the increase of the lamp life-time. High quality high pressure Xenon lamp. High Purity Sapphire Waveguide 16 x 40 mm (6.4 cm2) for more efficient delivery of light and improved skin cooling.

Treatment Indications:

  • Permanent hair reduction for lighter, finer hair
  • Skin rejuvenation, photofacial

All skin types (I-VI) to the Fitzpatrick scale