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    JetCare Youth Dead Sea Nourishment

    The final stage of the JetCare Youth treatment is the Dead Sea Nourishment infusion, richly formulated with powerful Dead Sea minerals and added age-defying ingredients to enrich the skin’s natural healthy balance. The replenishing blend of Dead Sea minerals act to support the skin with renowned detox, hydration and regeneration action that can help prevent the future impact of the environment on the skin and preserve the skin’s own barrier and youthful integrity.

    Key ingredients include:

    • Dead Sea Minerals Magnesium Sulfate – While magnesium is one of the Dead Sea minerals in all JetCare Youth products, Dead Sea Nourishment formula is further enriched with Magnesium Sulfate, which provides anti-inflammatory properties, and helps remove excess sebum and toxins that contribute to skin damage.
    • Dunaliella HGL – micro-algae that helps to reduce glycation, which causes skin cell aging, and protects the skin from damage caused by sun exposure.
    • SepitonicTM M3 – this exclusive patented ingredient helps fight cell fatigue, boosts oxygen availability in the skin, and helps protect the dermis with anti-glycation action. It also acts as a carrier, helping to boost the effects of other anti-aging ingredients, strengthening the skin’s resistance to damage from everyday elements.
    • Akoactive Queen – sourced from the fresh rose petal, this ingredient is a powerful skin hydrator, helping to reduce signs of skin fatigue, refreshing overall appearance and tone.

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