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    Nouvelle RF – Non-Insulated Tip 49 Pin

    Non-insulated RF Needle Tips:

    • Work for all skin types
    • Bring better results
    • Enter the skin hot and retracts cold
    • Are PRP friendly

    Non-insulated tips deliver heat down the entire shaft of the needle. The Nouvelle features a delay where the needles go in hot, the RF energy turns off for 300-microseconds and the needles retract cold. By adding this delay, the non-insulated needles are safe to use on all skin types.

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    The NOUVELLE Microneedle RF system facilitates non-surgical skin tightening using bi-polar RF energy and minimally invasive microneedles to drive heat deep within the patient’s skin layers. The heat stimulates and remodels collagen and prompts the elastin cells to regenerate. The treatment requires little to no downtime and results in a skin surface that is firmer, smoother, and more even.

    49 Pin Non-Insulated 5×5 Disposable RF Tip – 1 Box of 10

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