Peptide Complex

Research shows that peptides are the essential building blocks of skin proteins, such as collagen, elastin and keratin, and that they form the foundation for firm, resilient and smooth-looking skin. When the skin lacks these powerful proteins, the result can be a loose, sagging appearance and loss of texture and elasticity. This formula helps restore firmness with a unique and powerful blend of amino-rich peptides.


  • ReplexiumTM

A fusion of two patented skin bioavailable peptides for quick and visible wrinkle reduction and improved dermal density. The ingredient demonstrates fast action anti-aging benefits that work more rapidly than the benchmark for standard peptides.

  • JuvelevenTM

This hexapeptide is a powerful skin protector that defends the skin from the effects of sun exposure, pollution and stress. This blend of peptides is formulated as a powerful anti-aging ingredient that helps boost skin resilience and enhances the skin’s natural vitality.

  • Pentavitin ®

This 100% natural, plant-based carbohydrate complex is very similar to carbohydrates that occur in the skin, therefore having an effective binding mechanism. This ensures fast, powerful hydration, and a deep, long-lasting supply of moisture to the skin.

  • Ragu-age ®

This synergistic blend of patented peptides and proteins demonstrates fast action anti-aging benefits. Containing purified soy and rice peptides, blended with biotech-produced yeast protein, this complex helps to boost tone and radiance.