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    Witch Hazel & Peptides

    The formula of choice to help purify the skin, smooth surface blemishes, and create an even, unified tone and youthful radiance. This formula has a rich concentration of witch hazel extract, a strong astringent and powerful natural calming agent that helps soothe the skin, as well as protein-boost peptides known for their firming, anti- aging impact.

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    • Witch Hazel Extract

    Known as an effective astringent for all skin types, Witch Hazel Extract helps reduce the sensation of itching and redness for an even, radiant tone. This anti-aging solution contains a high concentration of Witch Hazel Extract, delivering powerful calming benefits that complements the anti-aging action of our unique peptide complex.

    • Ragu-age ®

    This synergistic blend of patented peptides and proteins demonstrates fast action anti-aging benefits. Containing purified soy and rice peptides, blended with biotech-produced yeast protein, this complex helps to boost tone and radiance.

    • ReplexiumTM

    A fusion of two patented skin bioavailable peptides for quick and visible wrinkle reduction and improved dermal density. The ingredient demonstrates fast action anti-aging benefits that work more rapidly than the benchmark for standard peptides.

    • Betaine

    Known for its moisturizing power and soothing properties, Betaine is a natural humectant, helping to retain hydration for enhanced skin texture and an anti-aging effect. Betaine not only boosts the skin’s moisture level but also helps to protect the skin’s natural barrier, so the skin remains fortified and hydrated, with a softer, smoother appearance.

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